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Budapest Operetta Theatre - print your ticket at home 
Operetta ship Budapest - order your tickets now 
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Budapest Operetta Theatre 

   Operetta ship Budapest - order your tickets now
   2008.07.28. 17:30:18  

We'd like to kindly invite You and your kind friends to an unforgettable musical, gastronomical and touristic experience, to the OPERETTA-SHIP. During the candle-lit voyage the international program of excellent singing, instrumental and dancing artists of the Hungarian State Opera House will guarantee Your entertainment. They sing and play the most popular passages of operas, operettas, Italian, Spanish songs, musicals in the original languages, instrumental solos, and perform brilliant folklore, classical and step dances in elegant costumes.

During the exclusive voyage, while admiring the wonderfully lit night view of Budapest, you can choose from the favourite dishes of Ferenc Lehár, Imre Kálmán, Johann Strauss. The program lasts from 8 to 10 p.m. The program leads from 6 April 2007 to 31 October 2007 every Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. from 8 to 10 PM.

New improvements:
-Air-conditioned auditorium, 250 square meters of terrace, dancing possibility after the performance.
-We're waiting our guests with a renewing smorgashbord menu at our new port of departure: Vigadó tér 9 (at Március 15. square)
-with Hungarian, English and German guides

The programme is guaranteed and not depending on the weather and groups can be order the performance to any day of the year.

-with dinner, program and cruise: Adults: 12.800 HUF/person. Children: free admission under 5 years of age, 5-12 8.700 HUF/person.
-without dinner, only program, cruise Adults: 8.700 HUF/person. Children: free admission under 5 years of age, 5-12 6.000 HUF/person.

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